JNVs are well equipped with the infrastructual facilities like academic block comprising of Principal’s chamber, Vice-Principal’s chamber, office room, staff room, spacious class rooms, library, laboratories with highly sophisticated equipment for Science, Maths and computer learning....
Well established and comfortable hostel facility is there for boys and girls separately.
The staff of JNV reside on the campus. The residential buildings of JNV include principal’s residence, and staff quarters.
Highly ventilated and comfortable M.P. Hall is used for all the activities as its name suggests. In addition to that two workshops are available for conducting various activities.
Vidylaya has playground to conduct  field events and also other Physical education activities.
Borewell and the overhead tank help to provide the water requirement of the vidyalaya.
Two dining halls one for boys and the other for girls serve the purpose of Catering to the needs of all the inmates of the vidyalaya.
There are two 29” T.V. sets/Dish (Tata Sky) fixed in the dining halls for recreational purpose and also to know current affairs for boys and girls.
PTC has donated Aqua guard to provide Cool, clean drinking water for students and gujrat hot water boilers to serve water for boys and girls.
The school has 36 computers and two L.C.D. Projector to help the students with Technology aided learning. Smart room is arranged as per the instructions of NVS.
One Samsung Smart Lab-The school has 41 Laptops and one L.F.D. Monitor to help the students with Technology aided learning. Smart room is arranged as per the instructions of NVS.
           i) Size of Smart Lab in Sq ft                               :552sq mtrs
       ii) No. of Laptops                                                  :41
       iii) No. of LFD                                                      :01
       iv) No. of Tables                                                   :16
       v) No. of Inverters                                                :01
       vi) No. of Batteries                                                :18
         vii) No. Routers                                                  :02
          viii) No. of Boards                                             :01

   Library facilities

i)                    Size of library in Sq. ft                              : 900 sq mtrs

ii)                   No. of periodicals                                     :36

iii)                 No. of dailies                                              :08

iv)                 No. of reference  books class wise      : 6840

Kannada           – 896

English              – 1380

Hindi                   – 1120

Chemistry         – 980

Physics              – 860

Mathematics     – 910

Social Science – 694

v)                  No. of magazine                                       : 36

vi)                 Others                                                          : ( Text Books) - 9000