Staff Details





Name Designation DOB Date of appointment Trained/ untrained Probation/ confirmed Adhoc/part time Email-Id
Dr. K.S Dattatri Principal 28-09-1958 1/8/1991 Trained Confirmed NA  
Jayanthi P Gopal Vice Principal 17-05-1964 30-07-1991 Trained Confirmed NA
Ravikumar PGT Maths - - - - Contract  
N.C.H. Ramadevi PGT History 5/24/1959 9/28/1991 Trained confirmed NA
SUSHMA RAJ PGT Biology   12/06/2017 Trained confirmed Contract  
Prakash Chand Meena PGT Chemistry 2/7/1979 23-10-2009 Trained confirmed NA
Yallamma Doddamani PGT Hindi 1/6/1965 31-08-1991 Trained confirmed NA
Laxmaiah Darla PGT Physics 12/2/1982 24-01-2013 Trained confirmed NA
Yashodhara M PGT English 10/7/1970 10/7/2001 Trained confirmed NA
Radha bai G. Bhat TGT English 1/7/1966 25-11-1991 Trained confirmed NA
S Y Hugar TGT Kannada 28-06-1963 30-08-1991 Trained confirmed NA
G P Gurumurthy TGT Kannada 30-12-1960 15-09-1989 Trained confirmed NA
S.Annappa TGT Maths     Trained confirmed NA
Hanumanth TGT Maths - - - -    
R.Steevan TGT Soc.Sci 4/10/1972 11/29/1997 Trained confirmed NA
Revathi S TGT Sci 6/10/1984 11/18/2009 Trained confirmed NA
 Poonam TGT Hindi        Confirmed    
Prabhakar M.P Librarian     Trained confirmed NA
Dattaraj A Bali Art Teacher 6/24/1966 11/1/1990 Trained confirmed NA  
Sudheer M naik Music teacher 16-02-1966 29-10-1990 Trained confirmed NA
Pavithra PET( Female)   02/06/2017 Trained confirmed Contract  
Naveen Kumar PET(Male)   02/06/2017 Trained NA  Contract  
 Yogeesh L B  FCSA    05/06/2017    NA  Contract
 Chandrappa TGT English   27/06/2017  Trained NA  Contract
Lokesh Naika TGT Hindi   05/06/2017  Trained NA  Contract








Name Designation DOB Date of appointment Trained/ untrained phone no. Probation/ confirmed Adhoc/part time
  Office Supdt.            
A. Jagatha arulmani Staff Nurse 01.05.1964 22.01.1988 Trained   Confirmed NA
Nithin kumar pandey Catering Asstt. 17.04.1979 22.03.2014 Trained   probation NA
Jayamma c. UDC 21.07.1976 24.08.2006 Trained   Confirmed NA
B.S. Pushpalatha LDC 01.02.1982 21.11.2005 Trained   Confirmed NA
G.M. Shobha LDC 01.06.1981 08.01.2007 Trained   Confirmed NA
H.G. Ningappa Store Keeper 11.04.1959 01.02.1988 Trained   Confirmed NA
V. Nanjundaiah Driver 11.10.1962 07.06.1991 Trained   Confirmed NA
K.R. Rangaswamaiah Cook 20.07.1963 19.03.1993 Trained   Confirmed NA
B. Kantharaju Ele. Cum.Pl. 15.06.1969 03.06.2009 Trained   Confirmed NA
D. Siddagangaiah Chow-cum-SW 02.10.1957 27.02.1989 Trained   Confirmed NA
E. Thimmabhovi Lab Atdr. 16.05.1966 01.07.1997 Trained   Confirmed NA
Dhanush A Chowkidar 15.05.1993 18.03.2013 Trained   probation NA
P.L. Narasimha murthy Chowkidar 28.07.1972 07.11.1997 Trained   Confirmed NA
Krishnappa Chow-cum-SW 01.08.1964 24.09.1993 Trained   Confirmed NA
Narasimharaju N Mess Helper 20.05.1980 23.10.2013 Trained   probation NA
K.S. Thammaiah Mess Helper 01.08.1962 24.12.1999 Trained   Confirmed NA
Lathamani A.N Matron 20.07.1979 04.09.2015 Trained   NA contract